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Foot Treatment

Live@9 June 3rd, 2013


Petting your dog is not the same thing as Pet Massage. Pet massage has been described as intentional touch. It is focused with a purpose. Pet massage enhances the well being of your dog.

Comfort Massage

Based on an assessment a series of strokes, positional releases, joint manipulation, and other techniques are used to support the natural balance and homeostasis in the dog’s body, mind and spirit.

Holding and Bonding

Pet massage comforts tired muscles, relieves pain, increases circulation, stimulates muscles, maintains and restores flexibility, energizes the minds while increasing body awareness.

Foot Treatment

Most pet massage sessions last about 30 minutes. There may be situations where the dog needs a longer session such as after surgery. If you live in or around the Memphis, Tennessee, area I would love to help meet your dog’s massage needs.

These are just some of the Comments given to me by my Clients

Mr. Bear

What do you say about someone who helped give you the greatest gift of more quality time with the most precious thing in the world? Cathy Bickerstaff, with her calming spirit and healing hands gave me that gift of time with my Great Pyrenees, Mr. Bear, who suffered from severe arthritis. He was a retired pet therapy animal and in his lifetime served others, and Cathy served him the last 6 months of his remarkable life. Between the weekly massages and the essential oils, and her approach and bedside manner, Cathy was able to increase his mobility, cheer his spirit, and keep him comforted for his last months. She intuitively knows the soul of an animal, and with her healing hands, provided comfort and enhanced Mr. Bear’s overall well-being. He adored her, and I do too. The relationship she builds with the animal is amazing. Cathy, I cannot thank you enough!


Following Bouji’s stroke, we think brought on by a brain tumor, she struggled to hold her head up and had difficulty walking at all. I had met Cathy at the Humane Society and I asked her if she would come give Bouji a massage. My hope was simply to provide some relief for the discomfort she was obviously feeling. Well, I can honestly say that Cathy saved Bouji’s life. Bouji responded so well to Cathy’s tender touch…she began to be able to raise her head and her gait became more stable and self-assured. Bouji would look forward to Cathy coming to the house and she would be so responsive, relaxed and comfortable. It helped me almost as much, as I was so grateful to see Bouji have some peace and begin to heal. Cathy worked so tenderly with her, using various scents to help stimulate Bouji’s brain, or to help her relax. Cathy worked with Bouji twice a week for several months. She was truly an angel. My sweet Bouji has gone over the rainbow bridge, but, her last months were so much fuller and easier because of Cathy….she had such an amazing way of connecting with Bouji..and Bouji loved her. I truly believe that were it not for Cathy’s massages and aroma therapy Bouji would have left this world a lot sooner.

Thank you Cathy. You made such a huge difference in our lives.

Paige Bottom

International Association of Animal Massage and Bodyworks
Pet Massage

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