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Foot Treatment


Are you seeking a more holistic approach for caring for your dog?

Aromatherapy, utilizing essential oils, offers an additional way to address issues such as stress or anxiety with your dog. A dog has more than 220 million olfactory receptors in its nose, while humans have only 5 million. Smell is more important to a dog than sight. With that in mind, artificially created fragrances while they smell good to us will not benefit your dog. In addition to helping with stress, aromatherapy can help with skin issues. Contact me and let's see what aromatherapy has to offer your dog.


Rusty's Recipe for Relaxation is made with a combination of 100% unadulterated essential oils. This recipe can help in situations of stress, anxiety, or fear. Essential oils have an extended shelf life. It takes a very small amount to obtain results. 15 ml of Rusty's Recipe for Relaxation $15.00

June Bug

June Bug's Feel Better Formula is made with essential oils designed to ease pain. Just a few drops massaged in will relieve muscular pain. 15 ml $15.00


Luther's Liniment is made by adding essential oils to base of 3 carrier oils and beeswax. Luther's Liniment is used to enhance healing of minor cuts, insect bites, and other minor skin injuries. Luther's Liniment has a pleasant fragrance and disappears quickly when applied. 4 ounce jar is $15.00

Flee, Flea!

For dogs with sensitive systems this flea repellent contains no pesticides but will repel those pesky fleas and keep them off your dog. A bottle is $15.00


Nugget's Noggin Nudger A blend of essential oils designed to help stimulate and motivate. Place 6-8 drops around neck 1-2 times a day Can be used to stimulate appetite or as an aid during the grief process. A bottle is $15.00

Mr. Bear

Mr. Bear's Better Bones contains Helichrysum, an anti-inflammatory essential oil, helps with arthritis. Place a couple of drops on affected joints; massage in; place hand over area for a few minutes. The warmth of your hand will help the essential oils penetrate down. A bottle is $15.00



I'm always hyper, wearing out my momma, but after a little of Rusty's Relaxation, I just curl up in her lap and take a nap.

Cathy's Canine Complements

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